Consulting services

ON-LIGHT provides professional consulting and services around the world for all industries dealing with light and light sources

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Business strategy

ON-LIGHT has a large expertise on conceptualizing new business, with a simple but structured approach.

This analysis can comprise several items
– Study of new business or product lines
– Assessment of marketing strategies
– Benchmarking
– Creation of Go to market strategies and execution
– Business planning and validation

For players active in the field, we can in addition provide Product portfolio management services
– from definition to end of life
– Analysis of current portfolio

Technical know how

ON-LIGHT can give in depth technical advice on LEDs and the surrounding technologies:
– LED technology, blue die, phosphors
– LED modules and substrates
– Power supplies
– Optics
– Communication, IoT….

Our intervention can cover many aspects of R&D
– Help on the LED source: design, spectrum, make or buy…
– Help on the power supply: linear, switching….
– Help on the optics : injection, extrusion, silicone…
– Debugging

We can also organize “firefighter” actions in case of problems, both at customer/supplier premise or at your own factory


ON-LIGHT can help your team with purchasing and supply chain decisions. our in depth knowledge of LED market enables us to :
-Support your teams in the definition of the parts
– Define with you the right procurement strategy
– Support the purchasing team in LED negotiations


ON-LIGHT can help you get through the maze of regulations
– Which are the tests which are really required?
– How to estimate lifetime?
– Help in setting up qualification programs

We can also help to prevent problems or, when something went wrong, organize the response:
– Pre-failure : design reviews, FMEA, risk analysis
– Post failure : help on the best response with all the available tools in and out of your company

Performance management

ON-LIGHT can provide you with efficient performance management services
– Full project management
– Facilitator in productivity and design to cost activities
– Process and product re-engineering
– Organizational development
– Recruiting of your future employees (LED and electronic profiles)


Several levels of trainings can be provided
– Basic introduction
– Design of LED systems

Several other topics can be subject of trainings
– Reliability of LED systems

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