ON-LIGHT, in partnership with the Centre Hospitalier Emile Roux (hospital in Le Puy en Velay) and Cellux sas (French manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting), has created to combat SARS-COV-2, the Covid19 virus, a range of products based on the well documented germicidal properties of UVC.

All living organisme depend on a genetic code, be it DNA or RNA. This code is sensitive to UVC, which deactivate the genetic message, thereby disrupting the normal working of the pathogen or preventing its replication.

Each product is targeted at a specific need to ensure the best efficiency.

The efficacy of the products has been evaluated in a real clinical setting by the teams of the Centre Hospitalier Emile Roux (hospital in Le puy en Velay, France). The aim was to provide usable, field tested solutions for easy deployment.

Decontamination cabinet UVCab


ON-LIGHT’s decontamination cabinet is designed to provide a high dose of UVC to a variety of cloth and solid surfaces.

Suited to decontaminate a full body coverall PPE (1.9m useful height).
High irradiation uniformity, high dose.
Rugged 1.5mm steel construction, with UVC-specific PVD coated aluminium lining.
Fully enclosed and protected, electric door lock.
Easy to use, no training required.

Wide range of accessories for mask disinfection (medical masks, N95, FFP2), gowns, aprons, trays, visors, and others

Upper air germicidal UV UVAir

ON-LIGHT proposes several upper air UVGI devices, for high and low ceiling rooms.

Upper air UVGI is a well technique known to prevent contamination by airborne pathogens, be they viruses, bacterias and spores, with persons present in the room. The UVC are concentrated in a disinfection layer, away from the persons, providing disinfection while preventing exposure.

Easy to install, with tuning mechanisms to provide adaptation to all ceilling height and room size.
For rooms from 6m² upto 30m².

More information on demand.

Recessed Air decontamination unit UVBlow

This unit provides air decontamination with a fully enclosed system, without any stray UVC radiation outside of the product.

It is ideally suited to decontaminate the air in rooms with sensitive persons, such as nurseries, pre-schools ans schools,…

Small objects decontamination unit UVBox

UVBox provides a very high UVC dose and superior dose uniformity for disinfection of small objects (max 300x300x250mm).

UVBox has been tested on SARS-CoV-2 and other pathogens, including Staphilococcus Aureus, Enterococcus Faecalis and Human Papillomavirus

Room decontamination UVClean

UVClean enables easy, fast, efficient and low cost decontamination of rooms with multipoint emission of UVC.

Ideal in an hospital setting.

Limited training, low support level needed, no IT need. Can easily be used by normal room cleaning personnel.

Can be used as pre-clean decontamination and/or as post clean additionnal decontamination.

High safety level, with multiple presence detectors.