Personalized Project Study

ON-LIGHT supports you.

To guarantee optimal efficiency in the use of our decontamination and sanitation solutions for the air you breathe, we support you in the choice and implementation of your system.

We come to the site and identify places at risk with you in order to protect them from the spread of germs and viruses responsible for epidemics such as COVID, avian flu, nosocomial diseases, flu, etc.

Then we carry out an implementation study, optimizing the sizing of your installation and its placement according to the volume and number of parts to be protected. 


Service et étude des vos projets
Installation et mise en service

Installation and commissioning

Our UV-Air devices are very easy and quick to install. They are installed as wall lights with a 220V AC electrical connection.

They can be installed by any electrician or by your electrically qualified personnel.

After installation, we come to check the installation and commission your various decontamination systems. We also check the installation's compliance with the European Directive on exposure to artificial radiation.

Once started, ON-LIGHT devices purify the air and protect your premises continuously, without any noise and in complete safety, even in the presence of people in the rooms and even in confined spaces.


Maintenance must be carried out every 9,000 hours, i.e.:

  • Once a year for continuous operation 24 hours a day
  • every 2 years for use reduced to 12 hours per day in offices, medical practices and catering rooms for example.

Maintenance is carried out by us. The intervention is quick and planned with you. During this visit we replace the optical unit and the source.

Our technician also checks the correct positioning of the system and ensures that it is always in compliance to provide you with optimal protection against viruses and bacteria circulating in the air.

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