Sur le marché, les solutions de décontamination de l’air par UV-C offrent de nombreux avantages et sont les plus efficaces mais pas forcément les plus connues.

Sur le marché, les solutions de décontamination de l’air par UV-C sont les plus efficaces mais pas forcément les plus connues

Avantages COVID

Comparison with aeration, ventilation and filtration

Comparison with aeration, ventilation and filtration

Ventilation is the simplest solution: open the windows.

However, it is not always effective (it depends on temperature differences, locations, outside wind, etc.) unless it consists of create a strong current of air.

But this is not always possible or desirable (particularly because of temperature, noise, pollution, safety problems, etc.).

Ventilation is often put forward.

However, it is generally not effective lack of sufficient flow.

To fight against pathogens, you need 10+ ACH of healthy air (exterior air or highly treated recirculated air), which requires specific installations, very different from the air conditioning / ventilation usually installed.

These ventilations are generally only found in operating theaters.

Even in hospitals, standard air conditioners rarely provide more than 2 ACH for energy consumption issues (air heating/cooling, humidification, etc.).

Filtration via air purifiers has developed.

HEPA filters are very effective at trapping particles, including pathogens.

On the other hand, filters only treat the air that passes through.Efficiency is therefore closely linked to throughput.

In an office of 12 m2 (3x4m) it takes a flow of about 300m3/h.
In a classroom of 60m2 (6x10m): 1500m3/h.

Such speeds result in significant energy consumption (300m3/h = 50 to 70W) and above all significant noise (depending on the model, it is equivalent to that of a spinning washing machine or a vacuum cleaner), which is unbearable in the long term.

Most air purifiers are then quickly turned off or set to low speed and their efficiency is zero.

Added to this is the problem of their maintenance: pre-filters and filters to be changed regularly, sensors to be cleaned... A maintenance-free purifier is inefficient, like a vacuum cleaner if the bag is never changed.

Also be careful with systems that generate ozone or radicals (catalysis system also called PCO (Photo Catalytic Oxidation): they create very reactive and harmful chemical species, and are very strongly discouraged.

Advantages of the UV-AIR decontamination system developed by ON-LIGHT

Advantages of the UV-AIR air decontamination system developed by ON-LIGHT

Notre système UV-Air a été développé pour proposer une solution de décontamination innovante, fiable et pérenne face aux solutions traditionnelles non satisfaisantes en termes à la fois d’efficacité, de maintenance dans le temps et de confort pour les usagers.

Our UV-Air air decontamination device is:

  • Innovative : its technology based on UV-C control for maximum efficiency, without constraint, without nuisance and without danger for people in continuous operation, is unique on the market and patented by ON-LIGHT .
  • Efficace : une pièce est sécurisée en moins de 10mn grâce à notre technologie exclusive.
  • Low energy consumption: 1W/m2 protected.
  • Without filter: no consumables to buy or replace.
  • No Noise: No noise pollution.
  • Dirless: no unpleasant or disturbing drafts in rooms.
  • Emission-free: it does not emit Ozone or any other chemical species.
  • Very easy to install.

We are also proud to be able to specify that this product is 100% Made in France.
It was designed, developed and patented by ON-LIGHT and it is manufactured in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

UVGIs are the solution to neutralize pathogens.

UVGIs have always been the most relevant solution for neutralizing pathogens.

UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) was discovered nearly 150 years ago by Messrs. Blunt & Downes who noticed that certain types of light killed bacteria.

This effect remained largely unexplained despite knowledge of DNA as early as 1860 (but not of its structure).

In 1930, Gates will prove that it is nucleic acids, the “letters” of the genetic code, which are sensitive to UVGI (germicidal UV).

UVGI systems for air decontamination were developed in the USA in 1930, to fight against many respiratory diseases, fatal because without treatment.

At that time, measles was regularly responsible for the death of 5% of children during epidemics.

Tuberculosis also wreaked havoc at all ages with a 30% mortality rate.

There was no vaccine, no antibiotics and therefore no way to protect against viral or bacterial diseases.

Only prevention was possible.

This is why, in 1946, the 1400 largest American hospitals as well as 300 school groups were equipped with these new devices. They have significantly reduced disease transmission with an 85% reduction in the spread of measles and 80% for tuberculosis.

With the war then appeared the antibiotics, in particular penicillin, which made it possible to fight effectively against the bacterial diseases.

Then, the 1960s were marked by the appearance of the first vaccines such as measles in 1957.

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