Profiles can be produced in multiple materials, clear, frosted, opal, coloured or opaque, PC or PMMA, using only first class raw materials to ensure précision, quality, fit.

Multiple materials can be extruded at once, for example clear and opaque materials, to create the perfect profile for your application.

Technical materials, like soft polymers to create gaskets, extra protection layers, or coloured stripes, can be added to your profile to add functionality, nice looks and value to your profile.


Standard Profiles

The Giplast catalog contains approximately 2700 profiles a

vailable* without tooling cost, and very reasonable minimum order quantities.

*subject to availability in your market

Custom Profiles

If no profile fits or if additional features are needed, new profiles can be developed fast and accurately.

Please feel free to enquire. Just give a call +33 6 40 66 84 36 or mail , and we will discuss around your project

Unique Giplast Tech

Giplast has developed a unique range of technologies, that bring definitive advantages to the industry.

Giplast produces a wide array of sheets, mainly in the 0.5mm…3mm range, up to very long lengths (good for long, smooth linear lighting)

PMMA, PC are the choice material for this sheets, especially tailored for industries dealing with Light.



Whether clear, satin, opal, coloured or opaque, smooth or microprismatic, Giplast sheets are always top quality at a very competitive price.


Giplast’s microprismatic sheets enable luminaires with excellent UGR properties.

They exist in clear extrusion, with a matt (frosted) inside finish, slightly opal, or with our exclusive multi-extrusion technique (clear-opal-microprismatic clear or opal-microprismatic) for light diffusion and excellent glare control at the same time.


Custom sheets, with multiple extrusions, can also be made. Coloured stripes, multiple layers (up to 4 layers on a 2.5mm thick plate!), custom embossing (for a specific surface texture), imagination is the limit!

Giplast produces a wide range of tubes in PC and PMMA.

Standard tubes

Giplast has standard toolings for tubes from 8mm to 400mm (more than 80 size!)

The tubes can be made with various finishes, like smooth, matt or striped.

The base matérial can be transparent, opal or coloured.

Tubes can also be coextruded, with part of the tube in one material and another in a second material.

Customized tubes

If you don’t find your tube in our standard offering, a customized solution can be made for you.

Number of coextrusions, materials and colours can then be chosen to suit your needs.

Long Life UV protection

Coextruded tubes with a special UV protection provide up to 10 years in harsh environment, withlow yellowing and high mechanical robustness throughout the life of the product.