Polyscale, a spin off out of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT in Aachen / Germany, develops, manufactures and distributes optical films and light guides for surface lighting applications.


The microstructuring technologies of polyscale allow light guide plates which apply for highest standards in lighting applications. The optical films complete the portfolio for surface lighting applications and provide high quality light directing properties. The films can either be combined with the light guides or light throughput via direct LED lighting to realize specified light distribution.

Based on microstructured surfaces polyscale realizes surface lighting solutions via edge lit technology. Light is inserted via the edge of the plate and results in an absolute uniform appearance on highest efficiency level. Only by the specially arranged structure pattern and the unique dimensioning of the structures themselves this combination can be achieved.

Key properties of the light guides from polyscale are:
– Combination of uniformity and efficiency on highest level
– Targeted light distribution with minimized loss (e.g. for office applications)
– Minimized thickness (>500µm)
– Finest structure pattern by structure sizes 20-120µm

Microstructured films with optical features provide a variety of possible variations and applications. The films can be combined with light guides but also a setup with direct light throughput from back side LEDs is a common approach. Diffuse light throughput is transformed into a defined light distribution out of the surface. This results in products such as:

Light collimating films which provide a tight beam angle
Light widening films which work as light shaping diffusers
Light defining films which create a defined light distribution e.g. for deglaring purposes or an asymmetrical beam angle

Besides standard structure patterns and shapes customized solutions belong to the daily tasks.
Based on a target light distribution the necessary structure patterns are defined via optical simulations. Also a direct input from customer side based on own R&D activities is a common starting point.

Films are 160-250µm thick and are based on different substrate materials such as PET, PMMA or PC. The very fine patterns appear in a uniform and smooth surface.

Complete solution for illuminating surfaces based on edgelit technology. The panels provide a high degree of flexibility.

– Standard profiles available – depending on setup and size of the system
– Cover layer diffuse or with targeted light distribution
– LED modules define luminous flux, colour temperature, voltage/current and more

Further versatile options are possible and only need to be discussed.


Light guides are used in many applications:
– Light boxes for publicity
– Display systems
– Light panels for général lighting

Typical specifications include:
– Large dimensions
– Highest uniformity
– Small to medium volumes / project driven

In these cases, tool-less manufacturing is prefered.

Applications in this area are driven by systems with exotic geometries and very specific structure patterns to realize a uniform surface appearance.

Typical specifications include:
– Customized geometry
– Highest uniformity
– Adaption so smallest available space

Diffuse and targeted light distribution via tool-less as well as tool based manufacturing methods are possible choices in these applications.

In most cases customers have individual PCB which the light guides need to be adapted to.

Please feel free to call to discuss your projects.

Automotive applications are often based on exotic geometries such as free formed light guides. This leads to special demands on the structure pattern along with in depth simulations to realize the targeted light distribution.

Typical specifications include:
– Special contours
– Customized geometry
– Highest uniformity
– Adaption to the smallest available space

Diffuse and directionally radiating solutions based on tool-based production are generally used for these systems.

Scope of Services: For automotive applications, the portfolio focuses mainly on optical design and simulation in combination with prototype and toolmaking.

In PC or in glass, our light guides enable EN 45545 compliant slim luminaires